Credit card charge of BTS rabbit card can not be done

Contributor: Thailand | 2017 9 , 18

Complete abolition? It is a convenient rabbit card when riding a BTS in Bangkok, but it has become impossible to charge with a credit card other than Thai issuance than before. After that, there is a charge other than credit card issued by Citibank Thailand ... read more "

Insurance can be used even after returning to Japan for treatment of diseases that have developed overseas.

Contributor: Thailand | 2017 9 , 13

7 hospitalized in Thailand in Thailand 7 stayed in Bangkok month, I was hospitalized after being infected with a mystery virus. After that I stayed in Thailand afterwards, but after I finished staying in Bangkok for a month, I did not return after returning to Japan and I went to the hospital in Japan. Seizure cough asthma and ... read more "

Restrictions on checked baggage are different for each airline

Contributor: Thailand | 2017 9 , 11

Denied contracted baggage This time, I arrived in Bangkok by Vietnam Airlines, but at the time of check-in, from the ground staff, "I asked for dehumidifiers, so let me investigate" I was X-ray inspected. As a result, since it has a tank, consignment baggage ... read more "

Gas of solar flare of 1000 times than usual reaches the earth

Contributor: Thailand | 2017 9 , 8

Today's afternoon to late night, the gases blown out by giant solar flares will reach the earth. And, due to the magnetic influence of this gas, there is a possibility of power failure and communication failure. I am currently in Bangkok, but power outages occur frequently even during normal life ... read more "

Thai life useful items ★ 10

Contributor: Thailand | 2017 9 , 1

Chiko plus 778 We often travel abroad from Thailand to neighboring countries, but I am using this small converter. Anyway it is small so I will take 2 pieces. Charging the phone on the bedside, in the washroom, bring this hair dryer with a dryer ... read more "