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Large airlines are overbooking to increase their profits. It is famous for the incident that United Airlines dragged passengers. You can not board an airplane if it falls into overbooking. In order to avoid it, it is desirable to do “web check-in”.

web check-in

  • It is the acceptance time of “international web check-in”.
  • Time may be changed.
  • Document checking is required at the airport even after the web check-in is completed.
  • Please feel free to bookmark, spread, share, copy paste, secondary distribution of the file.
Airline name Acceptance time Web Check-in Apps Remarks
Japan Airlines – 1 hour Check-in website
All Nippon Airways – 1hour15 Check-in website Seat selection
48 –
Air France 30hour Check-in website
Lufthansa 23hour Check-in website
British Airline 24hour Check-in website
Turkish airline 24hour Check-in ios andr
Fin Air 36hour Check-in website usa 24 –
Qatar Airways 48hour – 1hour30 Check-in website
Emirates 48hour – 1hour30 Check-in website
Air China 36hour – Check-in ios andr
Vietnam Airlines 24hour – Check-in adnroid
Cathay Pasific 48hour – 1hour30 Check-in website
Thai Airways 24hour – 1hour Check-in website
Bangkok Air 24hour – 2hour Check-in
Singapore Airlines 24hour – 1hour Check-in website usa 24 – 1
Korean Air 48hour – 1hour Check-in ios andr
Malaysian Airlines 48hour – 1hour30 Check-in android
Asiana Airlines 24hour – 3hour Check-in ios andr
EVA Air 24hour – 1hour30 Check-in website
China Air 24hour – 1hour30 Check-in website
China Eastern Airlines 24hour – 1hour30 In preparation
China Southern Airlines 24hour – Check-in
Air Asia 14days – 1hour Check-in website

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