How to cross the border with a Thai car. Latest version (February 2018)

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I crossed the Laos with a car purchased in Thailand. I issued an international shipping license at the Land Transport Bureau. It is a procedure to temporarily export Thai cars to foreign countries. It is a very simple procedure. People who own cars in Thailand will go to Thailand’s neighboring countries to play!

Required Documents

  • Personal car
  • International Transport Permit
  • passport
  • Vehicle inspection certificate.
  • Copy of page with chassis number stated
  • “T” sticker
  • Thai Baht

Leaving Thailand

Leaving Thailand

When you get to the Thai border, park your car at the parking lot. Please submit international passport and passport at 4D booth and leave. We receive documents of TM 2 (2 sheets), TM 3, TM 4. Fill in the contents written in the international shipping permit. Do not write columns you do not know. You ask the employee “Please tell me how to write”.

  • TM2
  • TM3
  • TM4
  • International Transport Permit
  • passport
  • Vehicle inspection certificate
  • Copy of the automobile inspection certificate (There is a copy shop near the booth)

You will be required to submit the documents and prepare the customs declaration form. When the customs declaration form is made, submit it to 6A booth. I paid 100 Baht on either 6A or 6D. You have a copy of TM2 and customs declaration form. This is necessary for returning to Thailand. Please do not lose it absolutely. You will pay the toll 20 Baht at the gate before the friendly bridge. You crossed the border to Laos.

The photographs are the latest versions of TM2, TM3, TM4. The crew is a driver. A passenger is a person to ride in your car.

Document download location

It is desirable that you describe necessary items in the document you downloaded and printed beforehand. You will not waste time on the border.
TM2 (2-sided printing) 2 sheets

Entry to LAOS

When you park the car, you will receive the document at B1 booth on the back right.
Entry to LAOS
When you show the document you can receive the form below. The staff at the booth said, “Please go to 105 after you write”.

Fill in the blanks on this form and go to 105. But I do not know 105 places. I entered a car insurance shop. There are about 10 insurance houses. I showed the documents and entered the car insurance. One week’s insurance was 120 Baht. I got a car insurance seal and insurance policy. After that I listened to 105 places and entered the room.

105 people asked the purpose of stay and the number of days stayed. When I finished my question I pushed the stamp on the document.

Immigration was on the right of B1 ‘s booth. I did the procedure of departure. Passing documents such as passports pushed the stamp of entering Laos. Return to B1 and have the documents handed over and prepare the declaration documents. This paperwork required a 350 Baht fee.

I handed the document to the gate staff and I was asked for a signature. Once you have signed, we will complete all procedures for entering Laos.

It is a document remaining at hand.

Departure from Laos

When I get to the border I park the car in the parking lot. You go to the booth at the far right.
Departure from Laos
Immigration booth where women in purple jumper are wearing. I will submit passport etc. documents here. The departure stamp of Laos will be pushed on the passport. Next I will submit documents with the booth next to A1. I will be stamped on the ahead of the documents I made at the time of entry. I will pay 100 Baht at the same time. I will pass this document to the staff before the gate and leave the country.
Entry to Thailand
After you pass the gate you pay the toll before the Friendship Bridge.

Entry to Thailand

You will receive an immigration card at 7A booth. You will be required to submit an entry card and passport and write immigration stamp. There is a 6A booth in the back. I will submit a customs declaration form at the booth on the right. You will be asked for a signature. Submitting the document at the gate will start the inspection of the car body. Please open all the windows. Immigration procedures are completed when inspection in the car is over.


I went to the border without further investigation. I can not read or write Thai or Lao. But the staff are very kind. It is important to ask the attendant about the procedure. Information in February 2018 may be revised. Please be careful enough.

Money necessary for transboundary

  • Cost of issuing international export license at Bureau of Land Transport in Bangkok: 75 Baht

Departing from Thailand

  • Automobile customs clearance: 100 Baht
  • Friendly Bridge Toll Fee (Thailand => Laos): 20 Baht

Entry to Laos

  • Insurance (for one week): 120 Baht
  • Automobile customs clearance: 350 Baht

Departure from Laos

  • Friendly Bridge Toll Fee (Laos => Thailand): 40 Baht
  • Automobile customs clearance: 100 Baht

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