Things to pay attention to at the customs office of Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

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Customs declaration

If you do not bring anything to declare, go through the green zone “nothing declare”. However, there is a case that baggage is passed through “X Ray” even if there is nothing to declare.

Factors liable to be inspected at customs

  • Lots of luggage
    Aluminum suitcase
    I have an unopened home appliance corrugated box

There is a high possibility that it is said that the bag material of aluminum material is “Please pass through X Ray”. There is no problem if you do not bring in a baggage that violates, but an unopened cardboard box is dangerous. Tariffs will be subject to paying new products. If the purchase price is high, about 30% of the item price will be charged.

When I started living in Thailand, I brought in a new home appliance.

It is the latest IH rice cooker bought in Japan. I brought high quality home electronics from Japan with a new item.

When I brought high-performance display from Japan, I was told by customs. The product box was opened. The customs officer pointed to a new product. I will say “I will not issue a receipt when I purchase it.” When calculating, it was necessary to pay tax equivalent to 20,000 yen. The clerk said “Please pay 1000 Baht.” I paid 1000 Baht.

When bringing in luggage such as home appliances, I show it to second hand. This time I will bring in a dehumidifier used in Bangkok. It is the latest type (CV – G 71 – W) dehumidifier.

It is a state of a new article wrapped in vinyl when opening the box. It is not good to point out this at customs.

Remove the product and remove the plastic bag and protective tape.

I will pack the product again. Pack the cardboard box with wrapping paper. Customs officials do not look like new items.

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