The electric kettle in Thailand broke and ignited.

投稿者: | 2018年4月10日

The room is filled with smoke

It is an electric pot I bought the first time I came to Thailand. This is Thai brand. It is a structure that automatically stops when hot water boils. But it did not stop.

All of the hot water in the pot evaporated. And it ignited. The Japanese pot will not catch fire. Thai pots do not have fuses, breakers. It is very dangerous if it breaks down.

Purchase pot of KENWOOD

I burned and threw out the broken pot. I bought a new pot made in Japan.

I wanted a pot made of stainless steel Tiffer. However, there is no small pedestal Tiffer. The pot of KENWOOD is made by DeLonghi.

It is just right size that seems to be easy to use.

The pedestal is small.

The benefits are different depending on the payment card. I will tell the cashier a card with a good rate of return.

Paying with SCB credit card is 10% discount.

a group of Facebook

* I made a group of Facebook banks and credit cards around the world.
* I made a group of Facebook on Thailand


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