I will introduce the emergency cash service in Thailand.

投稿者: | 2018年4月11日

Top bank account benefits of international banks

“Emergency Cash Service” is a benefit that “CitiBank” and “HSBC” are offering according to deposit amount. For example, if you lose your banking card or cash while traveling around the world you can withdraw up to US $ 10,000 from your account. There is also a method of reissuing a credit card at a travel destination where money has been lost. However, it is quicker to withdraw from a bank than to reissue a credit card.

HSBC Premier Account in Thailand also had the same service, but HSBC Thai rich customer account withdrew. Currently it is good to get benefits at “CitiBank” account. International Bank in Thailand has “Standard Chartered Bank” and “United Overseas Bank”. However, the bank that has many branches all over the world is “CitiBank”. Thai “Kasikorn Bank” and “Siam Commercial Bank” may also have similar services.

“Emergency Cash Service” To get Thai “CitiBank” please change the type of account to “Citi priority” or “CitiGold”. Depending on the status of depositors “Citi priority” and “CitiGold” conditions are different. I do not know the clear amount. For interested customers, please contact “CitiBank”. When you deposit 1 million Baht at “Citi Saving Account” you will be upgraded to “Citi priority”. My account was “CitiGold” but the amount of deposits dropped and I downgraded to “Citi priority”. The “Emergency Cash Service” of “Citi priority” has an upper limit of US $ 5000. I upgraded “Citi priority” to “CitiGold”.

I withdrew from “Kasikorn Bank”.

I went to “CitiBank” next door.

“CitiBank” uses a high-performance paper currency discriminator. Check out the banknotes played perfectly with the Dexter pen.

Examine all banknotes carefully. It takes a long time.

Just depositing money will not be upgraded to “CitiGold”. I logged in to online banking. It is still a standard account.

“Emergency Cash Service” is a service prepared for emergency situations. I made a request through online banking at “CitiBank”.

I logged in the next day and it was upgraded to “CitiGold”. The exclusive relationship manager supports you for “Citi priority” and “CitiGold”. By contacting them by mobile phone you can proceed quickly.

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