How to reactivate when Online Banking of Kasikorn Bank locks

投稿者: | 2018年4月9日

This is a remedy when the Online Banking of Casio Bank locked. If you mistake the login password several times, it locks. When you lock it, you can not log in until you unlock it. In the old days, it was possible to release by phone alone. However, now the rules have been changed. You can not cancel by phone alone.
When a customer is in Thailand.
The holder of the account will process at the branch. Passbook, passport, banking card is required.
When a customer is abroad.
You call the support center. (Monday – Friday, + 66-2 – 8888826/8: 30 – 22: 00). Please say “account number” “name” “banking card number” “Thai mobile phone number”. Next, you send the form to the support center by e-mail.

  1. Download the form, fill it in and sign it.
  2. Copy and sign the passport face photo page.
  3. Copy and sign the page of stamp when you leave Thailand at the end of your passport.
  4. Copy and sign the page containing the name of the account holder of the bank account.

The lock is released in 5 business days after the document has been accepted.


I got an email.
According to your enquiry about to request password of K-Cyber Banking, we would like to inform you that details that you verified with our K- Contact Center did not pass our account verification criteria. So that, please accurately check your information once again and contact our K- Contact Center at Tel. (66) 2888 8888 press 2 to make a new request (24 hours).
Remark; to reset password of K-Cyber Banking cannot be revealed through E-mail channel since our bank applies the customer’s strict security and confidentiality policy. The customer’s personal data must be verified through a phone before providing service.

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