I repaired my car with a Thai dealer.

投稿者: | 2018年4月18日

Car wound

The parking lot in the apartment is small. I always be careful. But other residents will not be careful. My car has lots of scratches.

It is a wound made by something hit.

The corner is dented. It requires strong power.

I moved to an apartment with a large parking lot. And I repaired the car. I have insurance. The premium for 1 year is 15,000 Baht. I asked a Toyota dealer for repair. The staff will request “Yellow Paper”. It is the document that the insurance agency assessed. I do not have the document we have assessed. The staff called the insurance shop. I waited for 20 minutes. The insurance shop examines the wound. All the scratches I attached were free. I will pay 10% for the wounds that others made.

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