I underwent emergency surgery at a hospital in Thailand.

投稿者: | 2018年4月11日

Sudden onset

Fiery pain hit me. It came suddenly during my stay in Bangkok. I could not bear in the evening and made a reservation at Bumrungrad Hospital. And I contacted the overseas insurance desk of JCB credit card.

In the case of JCB, the following is asked.

  1. Reservation at the local hospital
  2. Reservation time
  3. Card type and card number
  4. Name, date of birth, address
  5. Departure date to overseas
  6. Day to go back to Japan from abroad
  7. Presence or absence of symptoms before departure.
  8. Local contacts

You may ask the insurance company to introduce the local hospital, but if you know the hospital you should check whether you can do cashless medical treatment. I have used overseas travel insurance for JCB, VISA respectively. VISA needs to send a copy of the passport and a copy of the page with a departure seal by e – mail. Acceptance of JCB is completed with one phone. So I will call JCB’s insurance. When there are symptoms before leaving Japan, there are times when overseas travel insurance can not be used.

Contact information to JCB

0018008145141(Collect calls from Thailand)
+81-3-5213-0285(Regular phone number / high price)
005-81-352130285(High quality IP phone from AIS)
00500-81-352130285(Low quality IP phone from AIS)

Contact information to VISA

+81-18-888-9225(Collect calls from Thailand)
005-81-188889225(High quality IP phone from AIS)
00500-81-188889225(Low quality IP phone from AIS)

How to go to the hospital

I went to Bumrungrad Hospital. Samitivate Hospital and Bangkok Hospital are also famous for Bangkok. To get to Bumrungrad Hospital the quickest way, take the 3rd exit at BTS Nana station and get on the bike to wait at the entrance of “Skhumvit soi 11”. People who are scared of motorcycles should take a taxi. Taxi in the morning and evening is congested. At that time, take the 2nd exit at BTS and get on a taxi, you will turn right at “Sukhumvit Road soi1” and arrive at the back door of the hospital.

Hospital reception

The 10th floor of the hospital is accepted exclusively for Japanese. There is a “AU BON PAIN” cafe on the first floor.

Required Documents

  1. passport
  2. credit card
  3. During your stay with the address Hotel business card
  4. Mobile number in Thailand (It is okay if you do not own it)

First visit requires time. Please go earlier than booked time. Acceptance will check passport export date. Patients going through the automated gate at the airport have no stamp on departure date. Patients who pass the automated gate need a boarding pass half ticket or an E ticket. When arriving at the hospital it is necessary for the guarantee letter from the insurance company to reach the Japanese counter. I can not accept it unless this guarantee has arrived. Please be sure to specify the arrival time of documents.

Examination and late-night surgery

The operation was also delayed because the guarantee letter was delayed. It is midnight surgery.

I got an estimate of surgery after the examination. I have already completed the procedure that does not require cash. No matter how many baht it is, it does not matter. I went to the hospital at 22:00. For security, we seal all valuables such as mobile phones and wallets and deposit them. I will go to accept surgery. Take off all clothing and change into clothes for surgery. Wait for 40 minutes with a device going to the operation waiting room and blood pressure. I am an surgeon and two assistants. It is a very authentic atmosphere. There were about 20 operating rooms. The operating room is booked until late night. It is very prosperous. After surgery I rested in the intensive care room and went home to the apartment.

In case of hospitalization

I went back to the apartment, but I do not mind being hospitalized. The hospital room has an accompanying bed. There are also meals for accompanying people. This hospitalization at Bumrungrad Hospital was very comfortable. In the hospital room you can watch television all over the world so you will not get bored. “Nurse Fee” will be charged for hospitalization. I can ask anything to a nurse. If you ask “Please buy a Japanese newspaper,” they will buy it.

The photo room is the smallest private room.

There are tableware and cutlery in the hospital room. The housekeeper will clean up when you use it.

You can order cuisines from all over the world by “Room Service”.

You can order Japanese fish sashimi boat.

There is also a refrigerator and a microwave. Juice was in from the beginning.

At that time I was hospitalized with diverticulitis. The treatment cost was 120,000 Baht. I just hospitalized and got a nutrient infusion.

Patient registration card

A patient registration card will be issued upon receiving medical treatment. My a patient registration card is old. Your face picture is printed on the current a patient registration card.

The back side is written in Thai and English for contacts. People staying in Thailand are safe to have a patient registration card. If you have a patient registration card when you encounter a traffic accident etc. ambulance at Bumrungrad Hospital will come to pick up.

Bumrungrad Hospital enrolled 24 hours of staff who can speak Japanese. When I telephone in the night with food poisoning, “I will pick you up with an ambulance,” the hospital staff said. Japan does not call ambulances for food poisoning. However, it is an ordinary service in Thailand’s prestigious hospital.


Acupuncture and moxibustion treatment is outside insurance. Insurance can not pay dental treatment. It is an accident when a tooth breaks and a tooth broke. I can pay this with insurance. In that case you can treat at the local dental office. Anxious patients are safe to do real treatment on site after temporary treatment and return home. Treatment of one tooth can treat 130,000 yen. It is also possible to put metal bonds and zirconia teeth.

a group of Facebook

* I made a group of Facebook banks and credit cards around the world.
* I made a group of Facebook on Thailand


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