I was hospitalized for emergency by infecting with a virus in Thailand.

投稿者: | 2018年4月11日

Infection location



I felt joint pain in the evening. The body temperature of 5:00 the next morning is 37.2 degrees. The body temperature at 8:00 is 38.0 degrees. I felt I was infected with influenza virus. I contacted a credit card insurance company and Bumrungrad Hospital. The body temperature at the hospital was 38.4 degrees.

Bumrungrad Hospital

Inspection of influenza A and B was negative. Because 24 hours have not passed since onset. The possibility of influenza is high. My medicine got Relenza. Innaville is not in Thailand.


I went to the prescription window. “Tamiflu” was handed over. I asked the pharmacist, “I do not have the stock of Relenza”.


I took some medicine, but my body temperature will rise. I recorded 39.1 degrees. After that it fell down to 37.9 degrees.

Payment is 6,219 Baht. I used credit card insurance.

My body temperature does not decrease

I took some medicine. However, my body temperature does not go down. 100 hours passed since I took the medicine. My temperature is 37.4 to 37.8 degrees. It is very painful.

One eye conserved

Light green sputum came out. I thought that I was headed for better. However, suddenly one eye is severely congested and the cough does not stop.

I went to Phrompon ‘s Japanese clinic. I went back to the apartment, but my symptoms did not heal.

Emergency hospitalization

Coughing becomes severe at midnight. I could not endure and went to Bumrungrad Hospital. Hemorrhage became both eyes. It is almost a zombie. Nurses and doctors watch me anxiously. When the examination was over I was hospitalized urgently. Congestion was conjunctivitis. It seems that conjunctivitis develops as immunity decreases. Body temperature went down when drip infusion and antibiotics were administered. I was discharged from hospital for 2 days.


The cost of treatment was 56,347 Baht. In Bangkok it seems that patients with high fever are mysterious viruses. Such viral diseases are likely to develop when the body is weak. It is dangerous to develop on a short-term trip.

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