Battery replacement and expansion of UPS in Bangkok

投稿者: | 2018年5月11日

Japan will not suffer a power failure. However, Thailand frequently blackouts. I started life in Thailand and immediately purchased an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

UPS failure

The battery has deteriorated
The battery has deteriorated.
I bought a replacement battery
I bought a replacement battery at a parts shop on the 3rd floor of Fortune Town. True It is near the service center. One replacement battery was 750 Baht. I replaced the battery of UPS which is running normally. This UPS has one battery.


 adding a battery
There is space for adding a battery.
spare wiring on the
There is also spare wiring on the + side.
soldered the minus side
I soldered the minus side with a cord.
I bought a soldering iron for 220 volts in Japan
I bought a soldering iron for 220 volts in Japan. The battery did not fit in the case.
It is 60 Baht.
I bought a power cord. It is 60 Baht.
power cord
The power cord was soldered to the internal wiring. Then I will protect with electric tape.


drilled a hole
I drilled a hole with an electric drill on the back side of the main body in order to pass the cord outside.
dedicated connector
There is no dedicated connector to connect to the battery. I soldered the pulled out cord to the battery.
electric tape
I also protect with electric tape.
two UPS
I installed an additional battery between the two UPS.


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