If you use Thai Banking Card at other bank ATM, it is free up to 4 times per month

投稿者: | 2018年4月29日

Bankok Bank ATM fee

Kasikorn Bank Bank ATM fee

Up to 4 times in a month is free even if you use other ATMs. Also, if you use ATM outside the prefecture of the branch that opens the account, a fee of 15 Baht is required at one time.


Official site of Krung Thai Bank does not mention fee. I put the ATM card of Krung Thai Bank into the ATM of Siam Commercial Bank. I will test five withdrawals. A fee of 10 Baht is collected for the 5th withdrawal.

I checked it with online banking. 10 Baht is collected. Most Thai local banks are the same rule.

International bank

Citibank Thailand is free regardless of how many times you use ATM other than CitiBank. ATMs throughout Thailand connected by “ATM POOL” can be used for free. Also, you do not need the ATM card usage fee (hundreds of Baht / year) required by Thai local banks.


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