The toilet in the apartment in Thailand has broken.

投稿者: | 2018年4月11日

Material is weak

Water leaks after flowing water. I opened the tank lid.

I touched the packing and the thick strut broke. It is a PVC pipe with a thickness of 5 mm. Apartment toilet is Thai product. It broke in 5 years from the new construction.

Immediate day repair

The next morning I contacted the apartment manager with “LINE”. The problem was solved in 30 minutes. Maintenance of the apartment came at AM 9:00 and replaced the parts. This is an advantage of the apartment. An engineer will stay at the apartment. We stock various parts. However, the condominium has no parts. Repair requires a long time.

Adjust myself

I examined the tank after repair. This is very simple making. Examining the tank found that the water level was low. I adjusted the water level. Please adjust the length of the rod connected to the float.

I raised the water level by 4 cm. Lots of water flows. Usability has improved.


This is a Panasonic shower toilet. It is a Japanese brand. No power supply is required. It is a feature of not breaking. It is my recommendation.

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